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Creativity is not a talent - it is a

way of living!


Creativity is not a talent,

    it is a way of living

October 30, 2019

Be confident in inviting friends and family to your home. We give you three great tips to get your home host-ready and have you feeling proud and happy in your beautiful home.

September 13, 2018

A wall makeover with the use of colour and paint. In this make-over we focus on Plaasdam, a bold and deep teal wall paint colour from PAINT & DECOR's new healthy wall paint. Give your room a whole new look on a budget!

Tired of your doorknobs? It can be a surprisingly expensive shop to replace your old doorknobs - especially if we are talking kitchen or bedrooms! Here is a really quick DIY on how you can revamp your doorknobs with PAINT & DECOR and Annie Sloan!

To live in the colours you love is what drives each room-make-over and colour palette in Paint & Decor. Room make-overs can start with any inspiration you choose, as long as it comes from the heart! For this make-over we were feeling rather nostalgic about our childhoo...

Get your groove on with this step-by-step DIY that shows you how to decoupage and distress like a pro. Decoupage is not a term that belongs to the 90's anymore - choose the right images and paint your furniture in modern colours to make magic in your home! This DIY...

April 13, 2018

Learn to paint your very own forest feel wall mural! We make use of the frottage technique and a few lovely leafy stencils to make your wall look like a forest.

For the March/April Issue of the Ideas Magazine we had a very special kind of inspiration: My wedding day. Live in the colours you love - have a go at making your own memory the starting point for a room make-over. This is the second installment of our Room Make-Over w...

February 27, 2018

Colour theory sounds a bit boring or above your head? Read this blog post about our first Room Make-Over in the Ideas Magazine and see how easy it is! We are your colour guides, so that you can live in the colours you love.