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Live in the

colours you 


Choosing paint colours and products shouldn’t be frustrating.

With our colour and paint experts at your service: in-store or as call-out colour consultants, you can make the best choices, within your budget, so you can live in the colours you love.

As easy as

1. Get the perfect


Colour is the most personal 

2.Get the perfect


3.Get it on your


“First we shape our homes -

and then our homes shape us.

Homes are where we may not only live, but thrive.”  

- Winston Churchill


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Personal help to find the best colours for your walls

Choosing the right colour paint for your walls can be a daunting task. It doesn't have to be the headache you are afraid of! Get in touch, we've got colour experts in-store and online that will guide you to find the perfect colour. You get the added benefit of your beautiful colour in healthy, non-toxic wall paint at no extra cost, so that you can live in the colours you love.

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Your perfect colour

- every time.


Your personal colour palette is what is most important to us. To help you keep track of the colours you love, we store and keep every client's custom made and in-house colours that we have mixed since our beginning in 1999.


We are committed to help you LIVE IN THE COLOURS YOU LOVE. Visit us for your own unique colour palette 

that suites your home and personality perfectly. 

Living in spaces that reflect your personal style and make you happy is something that everyone can to achieve. Visiting us - online or in our shop - is the first step into getting your dream home realised. We also now have a paint team that can come and do the job for you! Why not call out a colour expert for guidance on your perfect paint palette. 


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