Hand-painted fabric & wallpaper

Each design is hand painted and created by Sophia and Helena, the mother daughter team behind the brand. Browse some pictures, get in contact, let's make the most beautiful spaces together!


Thank you for visiting our launch page. We will be setting up a proper shop soon, in the meantime - please get in contact to order your wallpaper and fabric designs.


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Let's make your dreams come true

This design endevour is a result of a desire to bring Nature, Colour and Pattern from outside to the inside of help create beautiful spaces that seemlessly flow from your dreams onto your walls, furniture and into your wardrobe! Walls, furniture, clothes!

You will be able to choose custom designs to suite your home, your wardrobe and your furniture style from our design studio on the mezzanine in Paint & Decor. Our location is very close to our hearts because this is where the dream took flight - our family wall paint & inspiration shop ( Paint & Decor) has been our home away from home since it’s creation in 1999 and now we can bring you even more to transform your spaces. 

Choosing to live in beautiful spaces is something everyone can do. We are here to help you on that journey. Your fabrics will be perfectly laid out with your wall paint colours, on your furniture and walls - let’s celebrate your uniqueness - we are not generic beings, your home should reflect that.

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SophiaHelen is not just a new fabric & wallpaper design house, it is a signature, a stamp of hand-made, with love, from Sophia and Helena themselves.
Each flower, each leaf, each line drawing has been made by the mom and daughter behind the brand.
Let the love from painting every aspect of flowers and wild nature - captivating your heart through the fabric and wallpaper prints you can order from us.

Follow the process:

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Each design is hand painted by us

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The designs you choose are created so that you can curate your unique style & taste with every theme within the SophiaHelen design range.  Each pattern or wild bunch of flowers is personalised with your wall paint and also customized as print colours on your fabric and wallpaper!

Contact us for unique colours on the prints for your unique spaces.

 Or come have a look at what we have created as ready to order designs.

We are located in PAINT & DECOR.

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Customizable colourways

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As we also offer the added value of Interior design, make an appointment with us to get the most out of what we can offer you. 

We do at-home consultations, but it is great to start on location in our shop in PAINT & DECOR so that you can see and feel the fabric and wallpaper. We have life size samples of the prints and designs. 


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Make your dreams a reality


Meet SophiaHelen


We are a mother daughter team who have been dreaming of flowers and fabrics 

for as long as we have had dreams to remember.

Because this design project is so close to our hearts we decided to put our names on it, as 

a promise to each other to always take care of the dreams that brought us here.

In the picture above you can see us!

Left: Jaatje Sophia (nickname Jani)   &     Right: Helena Johanna  (nickname Elna)

We invite you to indulge in the beauty of Nature, of fantastical flowers and the intricate

patterns of wild things growing on mountain slopes and gardens. Each design is hand painted

by us, lovingly put together for you to celebrate your own style within the brush strokes and colours that make your heart smile. 

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