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Transfer on Wooden Board

This is the easiest and def one of the cheapest ways to make something truly special for someone you love! All you need is a little time, thinners, a raw piece of wood and a laser printout!

You can download this design here

All you need:

  • Old or new bread boards or food friendly raw wood. (Just make sure there is

  • no varnish on the board)

  • 100 grit sandpaper

  • Beautiful text or design printed in mirror image on a laser printer.

  • (Or download the unique Cheese and Bread Plate motif with love from PAINT & DÉCOR)

  • Thinners

  • Mutton cloth

  • Masking Tape

  • Paint of your choice (This is for a little extra decoration but not necessary)


Sand your bread board with 100grit sandpaper if there is any roughness on the surface - you want a fairly even / smooth surface to transfer your “transfer” to.


Invert your beautiful motif, position it nicely where you want the picture (this is why you have to print any text in mirror image - otherwise you get words upside down on your board). Stick the paper around the edges with masking tape so that the paper does not move around while you are transferring.


Wet a white cloth (we use mutton cloth) slightly with a little Thinners. It is important not to wet your cloth soup as this will cause the ink to run. Place the damp Thinners cloth on the inverted, glued picture and start sweeping. Start at one corner and work systematically over the entire picture. The paper will become transparent with the wipers of the Thinners - make sure you rub nicely and carefully all over the paper - you are now literally "transferring" the ink from the paper onto the board.


And then for the happiest moment! I ALWAYS get excited to lift the paper and see if the ink has come off nicely. Carefully do this from one corner - if the ink has come off nicely - lift the whole paper off the board, if the ink looks out of place - lower the paper back against the board and wipe a little more with the Thinners . Your text should now show nicely and your breadboard is ready for use!


With some of your favourite PAINT & DECOR colours, you can paint a few lines along the sides as in our example, or keep the text on the board as simple as possible. You can also wipe the plate with a little olive oil or a nice natural wood protector that is food safe after the Thinners have completely evaporated from the wood.

I hope you all enjoy making some beautiful bread boards and enjoy this new way of personalizing gifts. You can also add this to unvarnished paint items!

(I'm going to give mine to my mother)


Cheese and bread board transfer
Download PDF • 481KB



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