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Live in the colours you love

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Skip the headache of dozens of samples, book a colour consultation 
Let's make your space uniquely beautiful.

Let's help you with colour (Paint & Interiors)
3 Colour Consultation Services:

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On-Site Colour Consultations


For tricky or very specific spaces.

We visit you at home or where your paint project is and design a colour palette on-site with you. We take into account natural light, current decor, the mood and character of the space as well as what it will be used for.



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In-Store Colour


For some extra guidance

Book a time-slot with one of our expert and passionate colour guides. Bring photos or plans of your space along and we will create a colour palette with you that you can test at home or get mixed in our eco-friendly wall paint right away.



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Decor & design


For a complete make-over

If you need more than new colours on your walls, why not book a visit with one of our Interior designers - we can create unique spaces with you including fabrics, wallpapers and furniture for your home or workplace that suites your budget.


Free - R850/h

Find your happy!

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Give us
a call

Give us a call on our landline

or whatsapp - hey, you can even send us a picture of the room or furniture you are wanting to paint and we can get straight onto helping you live in the colours you love. 


Let's find your happy colour

Find your happy colour

We take the journey with you.

Choosing paint colours and products shouldn’t be frustrating. With our colour and paint experts at your service: in-store or as call-out colour consultants, you can make the best choices, within your budget, so you can live in the colours you love. We help you choose the perfect colours according to each specific space's natural light and programme. 

Ethics: Our paints are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, there are no harmful chemicals in them that can cause allergies or other harmful side-effects. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of our team's main aims - living in the colours you love, and those colours being mixed in healthy paint is a big win in advocating a healthy life.

Process: Your space is unique - it is important to take the light, layout and other surrounds that have an influence on colour into consideration when working out a colour palette. That's why we always start with either a photo, architectural plan or on-site visit. Visiting us in store will always be the quickest way to get an idea of colours that can work as we are surrounded by examples in our shops. The journey to find the right colours can very well need an on-site meeting and then we can arrange for a colour expert to visit you (colour samples in hand).

We collect colours from your surroundings and create colour palettes and designs to suite any budget and any space.

Keeping your colours safe: Keeping your colours safe and on record is a big part of our colour service. We save a paint sample of every colour you mix with us so that we can always look it up again or mix some more of the exact shade. Our Colour Library at Paint & Decor stores keeps records for up to 15 years. 

We remember your colour choices, so you can keep your mind on other things!

about colour
- we bring the colour to your home.

T. 021-851 5154

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To save you time and maximise the benefit of great use of colour. We'll set you up with a colour expert to guide you on this journey of finding the colours you love. Create the perfect colour palette that suites the psychology and programme of your space. Live, work and play in the colours you love!


Thank you for your inquiry about a colour consultation, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Consultation booking


Let's go beyond paint and get some texture, pattern and everything else that makes a space feel more uniquely you! 

We work within your budget and can create custom designs for wallpaper and fabric including your

wall colours. 


Thank you for your inquiry about a decor consultation, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Decor consultation

Live in the colours you love

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