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We help you get what you want.

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Colour guiding
in the shop. 

You are unique, the spaces you live and work in are also unique! Every project has it's own special character, light, architecture, program, furnishings and your own tastes all effect what colours will work best in your space. 


Our in-store colour guides are available to help you curate the ultimate space with PAINT & DECOR's unique, rich colour palette. You can book a slot with us by phoning in advance, or pop by and speak to any of our friendly staff. 

We are here to serve you with the best colour choices available!

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Colour help at your home or workplace

Save time and money by choosing the right colours from the start. Book your shortcut to the best colour options, get an on-site colour consultation.

Asking a colour expert to come to your home or office or client's project, can be a massively powerful tool in creating the spaces you dream of quickly. Skip the headache of going through dozens of samples yourself, book a colour consultation on-site.

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Design without limits we will mix any colour you can think of!

Sometimes there is that specific colour that you cannot seem to find anywhere - well, look no further! Bring us a colour reference (something as unique as a flower petal or as practical as a fabric/tile) and we will match the colour, store the recipe for you, and keep it on record for your use in the future!


A unique service because we serve unique people. 

Why choose PAINT & DECOR

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​Chasing you dreams is hard work -

our quest is to help you get there easier!

Choosing colours that make your space look amazing, will make you feel amazing!

We serve you in a unique way, because you are unique

This is where our own branded paint was born from - from a desire to give you the best.

But don't take our words for it - put us to the test! 

Come visit us in-store or order your paint online, we are here to serve you the best way we can:

to help you live in the colours you love.

Paint Team

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Get help with paint and colour

What are you painting?

Your wish is our command! One of our paint and colour experts will be in touch as soon as we are able! Thank you for your message. We look forward to working together

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The perfect colour,
every time

We mix custom paint colours on demand in Paint & Decor's wall paint.
Visit our expert colour
chefs, Alfred and Deon,we create the colours you love, from scratch, save the recipe for you so we can re-mix it for you at any time.

If you are an interior decorator, architect, designer or a creative home owner - we work with you to create the perfect paint colours for your space. 

We also work with the NCS colour system and can match Pantone colours to paint for you.

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Custom colour mixing
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