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Kitchen re-coat

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A brand new kitchen without the cost 
of a brand new kitchen

Re-coat your old kitchen without the cost of new cabinetry. PAINT & DECOR's brand new paint service offers you a superior cupboard coating designed to last all tests of life.

Product we use for your cupboard re-coat:


Why this product:

Hesse-lignal is the market leader in Germany (since 1910) for “intelligent” lacquers, in smart and professional coating solutions and for interior wood finishes in Europe.

This product meets the highest standards in a product to be use on all interior fittings, especially kitchens, with the focus on quality, durability, and high productivity.

 It is scratch resistant and flame-retardant, and with a European toy safety certificate.

It is a UV resistant, two-component acrylic resin colour lacquer.

It has a high-quality satin finish with impressive opacity and is fast drying.


Why us:

For almost 25 years PAINT & DECOR services customers with paint and décor.

We started this cabinetry re-coating, add-on service after realising the need for a hardwearing product and finish to change the look and value of your house, by changing the cupboard’s finish / colours.

We are a hands-on team of 3 people that will handle your space with great respect.

Our attention to detail is important to us and perfection is our aim.

White Kitchen Cabinets


Fill in the form on the right, we will contact you as soon as possible about your cupboards. We will make a date to come and give you a quote to re-coat your cupboards.


Thank you for your inquiry about a cupboard re-coat, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Add value to your home with a re-coat of your cabinets

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More paint and colour services:

on-site colour consultations.jpg

On-Site Colour Consultations


For tricky or very specific spaces.

We visit you at home or where your paint project is and design a colour palette on-site with you. We take into account natural light, current decor, the mood and character of the space as well as what it will be used for.



Paint & Decor colour consultation.JPG

In-Store Colour


For some extra guidance

Book a time-slot with one of our expert and passionate colour guides. Bring photos or plans of your space along and we will create a colour palette with you that you can test at home or get mixed in our eco-friendly wall paint right away.



Decor consultation.JPG

Decor & design


For a complete make-over

If you need more than new colours on your walls, why not book a visit with one of our Interior designers - we can create unique spaces with you including fabrics, wallpapers and furniture for your home or workplace that suites your budget.


Free - R850/h

Live in the colours you love

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