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How to paint a wall

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


Painting a wall is the easiest, most cost-effective effective way to change up your room decor! Painting a new colour on your walls is not only a superpower in your decor repertoire, but a great indoor activity and wonderful exercise!

Painting a wall gives you an arm, quad and back workout with the added benefit of a new colour on your walls!


  • Masking or painters tape (24mm tape is a good size)

  • Paint brush (50mm or 38mm)

  • Paint roller and paint tray - make sure you have the right roller for a smooth wall (short pile/hair roller) or rough wall (long pile/hair roller).

  • Dropsheet (invest in reusable dropsheets if you love painting!)

Step by step:

Step 1:

Choose the colour and type of paint. If you're unsure what to choose, contact our colour expert!

Water based paint for walls from Paint & Decor
Choose your wall colour and type of paint

Step 2:

Mask off your wall.

Masking your wall/the area you'll be painting helps create a neat Paint job. Make sure to stick the masking tape securely. Smooth over the tape with your hand with a bit of pressure and make sure the tape has no bubbles or creases, bubbles underneath the tape or tape that isn't stuck on properly can let paint bleed/flow in underneath and make your lines un-neat.

stick masking tape to the wall
Make sure your masking tape is secure

Step 3:

Cutting in.

Use your small paint brush (50 or 38mm) and work in sections, painting around the edges of the wall you are painting. Tip: always paint with your paintbrush starting on the edge of the masking tape and move inward towards the interior of your masked wall. This further helps prevent paint seeping/bleeding underneath the masking tape.

Painting a wall
Always paint diagonally from the masking tape towards the wall

Step 4:

Roll it out

Roll out the paint on your roller into the tray first
Roll out your roller first

Use your paint roller and tray, and the best tip we can give is less is more! Do not load your roller with paint and roll it out on the wall, this will splatter paint all over your room as you roll out the roller as well as create an awful tell-tale texture of adding too much paint. Rather: roll your roller through the paint in the tray, then roll it out on the textured surface of the tray to get rid of excess paint, thén only put your roller to the wall and roll it out. It's better to paint two or three thinner layers of paint than try to cover your wall in one go.

Step 5:

Let the first layer of paint dry completely. Then add another layer in the same way as in steps 3 and 4.

Step 6:

Remove masking tape immediately after your last layer, while the paint is still wet, this will help create a smooth line.

pull masking tape off onto itself, The proper way to take off masking tape
Take off the masking tape

If you need any help, please contact us, our friendly paint and colour experts are here to help you. Contact us


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