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Carbon and Ebony are the two darkest of our Shadows collection. Carbon has a warmer undertone than what Ebony has, see the image in this gallery to see them next to each other. Carbon's rich depth and slight warmth makes it a super companion to natural wood and more earthy interiors. Ebony is perfect in a moody setting that you are wanting a neutral charcoal colour. Deciding between Luxury Matt or Luxury Lowsheen paint? NB: Dark colours like these make a massive difference to the sheen of a paint. If you choose Carbon in Lowsheen you will have a relatively shiny, sleek looking wall, mixed in our Matt paint, it will simply hide and absorb imperfections in your wall texture. Give one of our paint experts in the paint shop a call if you are unsure of what type of paint is best for your project. 


  • Your colour will be mixed in our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and completely washable PAINT & DECOR paint range.

    There is a big difference in our Low Sheen and Matt wall paints. Both are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and gorgeous to touch, but they have such different relationships with light!

    • PAINT & DECOR Luxury Low Sheen kisses and flirts with the light, it bounces it off in sheer delight and playfulness.
    • PAINT & DECOR Luxury Matt is a philosopher; it absorbs the beautiful rays of light and creates a soft haze of smouldering mystery.

    Both products are scrubbable and suited for interior & exterior paintwork. For full specifications of our wall products please see our Products Page.

    • P&D Ultraklad is an exceptionally high quality fibre reinforced flexible waterproofing coating with a low sheen. It is the strongman of paint products as it is known by its resilience to all weather conditions. P&D Ultraklad bridges hairline cracks, offers extremely low dirt retention, is highly washable, has good stain resistance and excellent durability. Read up about the specs on our product page.
    • P&D Eco-Friendly Water based Enamel: Perfect for skirtings, doors & furniture. It is a water based, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly paint that dries to a hard-wearing enamel finish.


    Order a 50ml sample or get right into the depth of this colour by ordering the amount that you need to paint your wall(s). Live in the colours you love!

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