The Countryside Collection is a dusky, medium tone palette that was created to fill spaces with the same neutral yet colour-rich landscapes of the country. Try these pinks in any room in the house or office - they are the loveliest earth pinks suitable for male and female spaces. 

All the colours in our collections are created with your spaces in mind. These colours were collected from Nature to help create the look and feel that you need for any space.


Choose colours that inspire you, colours that evoke nostalgia or that calm, excite or focus your mind.


If you need help choosing, call a colour collector or visit us in store for a personal colour guide.

Horseback is a lively ochre that brings some boldness to a neutral colour setting. We love combining it with wood and whites to create a natural decor setting with character, or pair it with blues for more of a serious scene.
Silent Ocean
Silent Ocean is one of the most versatile colours - you can dress him up or down - use him for kids rooms, dining rooms, office spaces - it just works! The mix of blue, green and grey that defines it's character is simply perfect for any situation.
One of the palest most natural pinks. Daydream is more earthy than it is floral, use it as a neutral.
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