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3 Ways to win at hosting at home

It is the Rugby World cup this Saturday! We are so excited about backing our Bokke! If you are the brave one hosting your friends and family this Saturday - here are a few easy tricks to get it all running smoothly. Be confident in your hosting skills and love your home!

Here are three easy steps for confident hosting:

Colour on wall: Karoonag from PAINT & DECOR's Karoo colour collection


Creating a colour scheme that binds your decor together is a superpower or decor hack that you should be employing in your home. If you have a colour palette that resonates with you and your lifestyle, it is the easiest thing ever to choose decor items and style your space.

  • Don't miss out on feeling amazing when you walk through your front door. We help you with putting the perfect colours together to make everyone go: " Ooooh, waaaw, that looks amazing! So you! " Mail a colour consultant today

  • The colour in this picture is Karoonag from our Karoo colour collection.

  • But you don't have to go bold to bring colour into your world and feel at home.

We have a wide range of beautiful neutrals and whites to soothe your soul. Browse our Cederberg inspired Neutrals Or take advantage of our colour consultants to help you curate your home's colour & style. We have colour and paint experts in store and online to guide youto Live in the colours you love!


Tip number 2: KEEP THE KIDS BUSY

If there are children coming along for the game/visit - keep them happy while you can spend your time with your friends. Here are some super easy, cost effective and creative ways we found to help you keep the Kids Busy.

Colour is a good old favourite to inspire humans - big and small! This is a really easy and very cute game you can make for the children visiting your home.

  1. It will keep them occupied

  2. Keep them curious

  3. Help them with colour recognition

  4. Spark their creative minds!

Click here to go to the I Heart Crafty Things website and find the step-by-step.



Don't stress about food or drink spills on your wooden or painted furniture.

There will be enough stress in anticipation of the Springboks winning the World Cup 2019! Let's get your home stress free with a few super easy and ultra durable sealants and paints.

Get your home stress free:

Happy hosting - and for Saturday - may the best team win!!

Give us a shout if you need any help: 021 976 0114

All the best!

Here's to living in the colours you love

xx Jani


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