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Make your own metallic light shade

Ideas Magazine Jan/Feb Project 1. Chair Makeover.

Paint over your plastic light shade!

This DIY is so simple, you can do it in an afternoon,

Remember to go get your Ideas Magazine before it's too late! The DIY's that are featured here on our blog all link to the colour article on p.106 in the Jan/Feb issue of the Ideas Magazine.

For this Jan/Feb colour insert for Ideas Magazine, we started the new year with a room makeover in our studio. Read all about the inspiration behind the colours in the magazine (page 106).

What you need for project 2 - The Light Shade Make-Over:

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the following colours:

  • Scandinavian Pink

  • Napoleonic Blue

  • 320 grit sandpaper

  • 100 grit sandpaper

  • Paint & Decor Metallic Paint in Copper

  • water

  • 50mm Brushes

  • Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax & Black Wax

What you need


Make sure your plastic light shade is clean, then sand the inside and outside with a 100grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface a little so that the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can adhere to it better. After you have sanded the light shade - wipe away all the dust with a clean, dry cloth.


Paint the outside of your light shade in Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue. This rich blue has all the depth and character we need to suite the beautiful dark blue called: *Midnight, that we are painting on our walls.

*Midnight is a Paint & Decor Wall Colour that can be mixed in Matt or Low Sheen finish in our Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly wall paint.

Step 2


Wait for the first layer of paint to dry - or speed up the time with a hair dryer :)

After the paint is dry, paint a second coat of Napoleonic Blue over the light shade. Remember to dip your brush in a bit of water while you are painting if at any stage you feel like the paint is getting too thick or if it makes little paint frummels.

paint your second coat of Napoleonic Blue

Step 4:

After the second coat is completely dry and you are happy with the result (if the paint is too rough to your liking, sand the texture down with a 360grit sandpaper, very lightly though as you might eat through both layers and get to the plastic. If you do, it's no issue - just give another coat of paint and continue.)

Apply Annie Sloan Clear Wax with a mutton cloth over the Napoleonic Blue painted shade (this will only be on the outside, we are yet to paint the inside).

Step 4: Add Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax

Step 5:

After the Clear Wax is applied, you can now rub in some of Annie Sloan's Black Wax - this will bring the bright blue of the Napoleonic Blue colour into a very deep and lustry blackish blue - perfect to fit in with the wall colour (Midnight).

Step 5: Wax with Annie Sloan Soft Black Wax

Step 6:

Paint the inside of the light shade with Scandinavian Pink - this pink is a brilliant base coat for the copper finish we will be painting over. Paint two layers of the Scandinavian Pink to be sure it has covered the plastic well.


After your two layers of paint is dry, you can use the 320grit sandpaper to smooth out the texture of the dried paint. Don't sand too much or too hard - we just want to get rid of very visible brush strokes.

Wet the upholstery with water first


Paint Paint & Decor's Copper Metallic paint over the entire inside of your plastic light shade. Let the first layer dry and paint a second coat. We like using the Hamiltons Ensign brush for this part as it really does give a very smooth finish.

Paint the first coat over the wet upholstery
Apply a Second Coat Paint & Decor's metallic paint

Et voila!

Your plain plastic light shade just turned into a beautiful, very expensive looking metal light shade - you can also change the electrical chord to something a little more interesting than what we have on the photo, we hope you have a fantastic time exploring your creative side.

Give us a visit for some guidance:

Somerset West: 9 Lourensford Road. 021 851 5154

Durbanville: 25 Wellington Road, Village Walk,

Next to Elgin Freerange Chicken store. 021 9760114.

Follow us on instagram @paintanddecor

et voila!

Hope you have fun!

Best wishes,

Jani Augustyn-Goussard and the team from Paint & Decor

Before and after light shade.

Stay tuned for the rest of the projects left for this episode of the Ideas Magazine Jan/Feb edition.

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