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5 Cosy colours for Autumn

Add colour to your walls:

5 Unexpected colours that will make your Autumn home feel cosy and warm, without being cliché!

Colour is a powerful tool to uplift your mood. With the approaching winter and longer nights, it is time to spruce up your home with some unique colours to keep you feeling positive!

1. First up! Nieu-Bethesda.

This colour often flies under the radar, people tend to miss its beautiful transformative powers because it is such an unusual colour. Not quite purple, not quite pink, not really grey... but also all of the above.

The mix of earthy tones in this reddish-purple makes it a very cosy, soothing hue to paint your walls in Autumn. This dusty-mauve-aubergine pairs very well with rich orange and natural wood.

Nieu-Bethesda pairs well with white, oranges, yellows, blues, purples, and pinks.

2. Next up - Sand olive.

A sandy beige-grey. This wall colour is beautifully balanced between grey and ochre and it truly owns it's title as a very lovely neutral. Sand Olive is a paint colour that leans more towards yellow than red in its undertones, mixed with a good dose of grey (black and white), this results in Sand Olive sometimes having an illusive greenish tint to it. A great colour to use if your home is more focused on sandy colours rather than red and browns.

Sand Olive pairs well with other warm neutrals, pinks, blues, black and white.

3. Koelteboom.

This deep, dark grey is part of our list of 5 unexpectedly beautiful Autumn colours because the pigments in this charcoal have a good balance of black and red (amongst others) making it a dark, broody charcoal that has lots of warmth to it. Perfect for Autumn.

Koelteboom pairs well with other greys, yellows, whites, natural wood and green (as you can see on this PAINT & DECOR's client stoep).

4. Claypot.

This image from a client's baby room is such a great example of the warmth and earthy calm Claypot brings to a room. You can get this colour mixed in an easily wipeable low-sheen, or choose our eco-friendly matt for a very clay-like look.

We love Claypot for its vibrancy while maintaining a very natural, warm, earthy look.

Claypot pairs well with blues, other warm earth tones, charcoals, dusty pinks and sage greens.

5. Biedouw!

This understated neutral has a lovely green tint to it's sandy base. Making it a very versatile colour for interiors and exteriors. Try Biedouw as a dining-room colour, in your kitchen or bedroom if you like the idea of a warm neutral that brings with it a hint of green when the sun hits it, but stays warm, and neutral throughout the day without ever looking pink or brown.

Biedouw pairs very well with natural wood, rich berry colours, blues and greens.

Order a tester swatch (painted out A4 colour card) or a sample pot online to see if these are the colours that will make your Autumn cosy and unique. Colour in eco-friendly paint, suitable for any room of the house - including exteriors!

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