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The Spring Connection

A desire to be part of something beautiful, something new, to feel a sense of belonging and have hope. This is the "Spring Connection", and this year, instead of launching a new spring collection on 1 September, we want to pause on the concept of belonging and healthy homes.

To walk forth from the bareness of winter, into a new season of life and wholesomeness

The impressions of seasons

We walk through life, sometimes more, and other times less aware of what season we find ourselves in. Putting on another layer of clothing, peering out the window and seeing the skies grey with cold clouds help us know that it is Winter. A sun hat and the hot smells of fresh cut grass that linger on a late afternoon sun make it super obvious that it is Summer. But what of the times our emotions put us in a dark, winter-like space, or when we really need to make time to rest and take a season of autumn for our mental health - even though the natural season outside is Summer?

We move with the seasons in colours: Spring vivid with new growth and greenery. Summer, is absolutely drenched in blue skies and sultry yellow sunny days. Autumn is brown and ochre and winter in all it's hibernation is grey with rain and bare trees. These colours are colours that we inherently carry with us as visual guides...

Seasonal impressions are colourways (palettes of colours) that we inherently connect to the moods of the natural world's seasons. These colour palettes can also help us, guide us, if you may, to live out our lives in colourways that help us live in spaces that give us pause, that can bring rest - or excite us and energise our creativity.

Why are we so attracted to Spring?

Of all the seasons that have become metaphors for our journey through life, we all long the most for that "Spring Connection". Spring brings with it the promise of new growth, of moving forward, of abundant life - but it also brings us the idea of being part of something bigger and better than ourselves.

The small new buds we see, the blossoms we smell, they are all small victories over a season of Winter. Signs of new life and a whole lot of beauty to come. I think we all yearn for the Spring connection this year even more than most because this pandemic has brought with it so much destruction and devastated so many families and lives. Let us ride this Spring beginning with vigour this year, let us delve deep and blissfully into colourful interiors of a fresh wisp of white to air out our winter homes.

This year is a year for re-imagining your home and the way you live, because we have all learnt all too vividly that life is short, that every moment is precious. Let us celebrate each other and the desire to be beautiful and live happy lives by appreciating the unique tastes we all have. Get that custom mix of tangerine orange that you have always wanted - add a frilly pink cushion to your sleek bedroom or just paint your front door.

How to bring the Spring Connection to your interiors:

To celebrate where we are in our lives, post winter, with so much uncertainty in the world, let's connect with Spring and bring some fun to our home and interior worlds.


Adding a yellow couch with bright blue buttons to a grey interior suddenly brings in a sense of sunny optimism to interiors. (Feel free to contact our interior designers for help with any upholstery projects you may have. Send an email)


Painting a wall in fiery yellow brings immediate warmth to a room. In this image our client painted Fireside in their lounge. It helps with bringing in a sunny atmosphere even though this room gets very little direct sunlight.

Below our client Waynette painted Coffee in bed behind her bed to give a soft sense of happiness to this room. We love how pink can bring such a wonderful feeling of optimism to interiors.


Adding fabric in rich textures and some florals or greenery is a very easy way to introduce a new element of colour into your decor scheme. We love using lampshades and scatters for this because they are easier to replace when you feel you need a new colourway. (lampshade from SophiaHelen design)


Adding wallpaper in either a strip on your wall or inside a cupboard just lifts something from drab to fab. We are loving the look of full on wallpaper walls at the moment though. To bring in some colours that match your wallpaper in furnishings and trims is also a great idea.

The above picture is of the Dorothea Memory wallpaper and below is the Leah wallpaper in a Wild Echo pattern. Both floral wallpapers are from our in-house design house, SophiaHelen design

There are so many ways to celebrate this new season we are entering, whether you are a floral lover or a foliage fanatic, just make sure you love the space you live in, that the walls feel like a wonderful hug. You must feel welcome and safe in the spaces you live, choosing colours, textures and patterns that really relate to you and help you feel positive is what Spring is all about this year.

We look forward to working with you on any decor and paint project you might have - we can help you with anything from re-upholstering your old furniture, manufacturing new furniture, creating custom wall paint colours or helping you create a whole palette of colours to make you feel at home.

Let's celebrate local businesses and local loves this year, South Africa is a treasure trove of beauty to explore and to bring into our homes.

with love, Jani Augustyn-Goussard


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