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Forest Mural DIY

Learn to paint your very own forest feel wall mural!

This DIY post #2 of our MEMORY AS THEME wall make-over (in the Ideas Magazine on p.118) takes the forest feast theme of our wedding and translates it into a wall effect.

Inspiration for our second Wall Make-Over:

My wedding day!

The step by step to make your wall look like a forest

What you need:

  • Wall paint in at least three colours. We chose Rockwood, Dekriet and Mossy Paths from our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic wall paint range. (browse the colours here)

  • Newspaper / Plastic shopping bag

  • Paintbrush & Roller

  • Water

  • Leaf Stencils


  • Paint the entire wall one solid colour. We chose Rockwood. (Read about how we made the colour choices in our previous blog HERE. )

Find your inspiration


  • Crumble up a piece of newspaper of take a clean plastic bag - you will use this to create your texture/foliage illusion on the wall (This method is called frottage).

  • Water down some of the paint that will be painted over your base coat. Our base coat on the wall is Rockwood. We started with the colour Mossy Paths.

  • Paint a section as big as your newspaper or plastic bag.

Watered down paint


  • Before the the paint dries - quickly press your plastic bag or crumpled newspaper (that you have opened up and flattened out) on the wall where you have painted the watery paint.

Press down with a paper bag before the paint dries


  • Repeat the process of watering down your paint colours, painting it on the wall in sections that are as big as your plastic bag/newspaper (method called frottage).

  • Do this with both wall colours you chose to go over your base colour. We chose DEKRIET and MOSSY PATHS to be painted over ROCKWOOD.



  • Add some leafy stencils over your frottaged wall to add to a foresty feel.

  • Try and let the leaves fall in all different directions and focus on stencilling light colours over dark areas of wall, and dark leaves over light areas of the wall.

stencil detail

And there you have it!

Your very own frottage, forest feel decorative wall.

Give us a mail if you need more advice or want to share a picture of your work:

Wall colour details

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Have a wonderful, colourful day!

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