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How to Paint a Feature wall

Painting a teal feature wall

To paint a colour in your home that evokes happiness when you look at it is one of the greatest things you can do for your family!

I think there are very few South Africans who has not felt the absolute delight at finding a plaasdam (a reservoir) in a farmland setting somewhere in the mountains or in the open plains of our beautiful country and went for a swim!

This is the inspiration behind our new wall colour: Plaasdam

This is the inspiration behind our new wall colour: Plaasdam

We take great care to create colours that resonate with you and with our Natural surroundings. Plaasdam is a deep, pure teal, which means it has very little black in it – which gives it it’s luminous water-like character. It also lies between blue and green in the colour spectrum.

Plaasdam. A wall colour by Paint & Decor
wall makeover with colour

To paint this rich colour in your home, office or any other space for that matter will give loads of character and depth to the space.

You can use it in many ways but we will discuss two Interior Ideas with Plaasdam:

1. CONTRASTING COLOURS: To make this colour pack a punch and stand out: use colours on the opposite side of the spectrum – I can completely imagine this as a feature wall or a whole room with lots of vibrant orange cusions and a purple couch. Very wild, very rich!

Contrasting colours to Plaasdam

To pair colours that are on the other side of the colour spectrum with Plaasdam will really highlight the boldest characters of all the colours you use.


The other way to use this colour in a space is to collect other colours that are similar and use them as companions to Plaasdam to set a more tranquil and calm scene.

This is what we have done with our Plaasdam feature in the Ideas Magazine. We used colours that are close family members of Plaasdam (or of teal). This means lots of lovely blues and greens. We only used paint and prints for this makeover and combined lively green plants to complete the picture. The amazing terrarium from Peace in the Home is obviously a massive credit to this picture! (Get your own custom Slice of Life Terrarium made by Janel - click here for her info.) - Just so that our new feature wall isn't just a mash of blues and greens, we brought in spots of colour in the wall art and on the faux Annie Sloan tile cupoard top (the DIY how to will be loaded soon! - sign up for our newsletter to be in the loop)

The Details:

  • We used Annie Sloan’s Antibes Green on the little cupboard with clear wax and highlighted the texture with brown wax. To know how to use dark wax properly, book a workshop or – follow this link to our Instagram video.

  • For the chair we painted the wooden framework in Annie Sloan’s Florence. Florence is also a lovely teal but more towards the blue side than Plaasdam, this talks really nicely with the deep Teal of Plaasdam on the wall behind. The upholstered seat was also painted in Annie Sloan with the beautiful holiday blue: Giverny. (To learn how to paint upholstery, click on this link.)

  • The chair was simply painted with a flat brush and sealed with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Total cost of our one wall makeover

You can do this makeover in a weekend!

If you look at the prices we have attached on this makeover image, you will see how cost effective paint can be in a makeover! And remember - you don't have to do everything in one go, start with the wall and go from there as your budget let's you.

A huge cost effective tip is to plan your home according to a colour palette where you can re-use pots of paint. To buy Annie Sloan in 1L tins are a lot cheaper than to keep buying 100ml pots - and you can mix them together to create a wide range of colour. Keep an eye out for more budget friendly tips from our Paint experts. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date :)

Your home should be where you find peace and love the space that welcomes you when you step through the door. COLOUR is the quickest and most effective way to get there - visit us for help on your colour journey. That's what we are here for!

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