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How to choose the perfect wall colours and effects #2

How to go about finding the perfect theme for your new room make-over?

Inspiration for our second Wall Make-Over:

My wedding day!

A very DIY and forest feast affair :

This is how we did it and how you can try it too!

To decorate a space is to bring personality to a room.

How much more personal if the inspiration behind that make-over is a memory! For this room make-over with colour and paint techniques I decided to celebrate my first year of marriage by giving the space a little air of our wedding-day magic.


To start this room make-over based on a memory: we are looking for a colour pallette to carry this memory and transport you back to some emotion of that day.

To decide on these colours focus on the mood of the memory:

Page through written notes or diaries that you kept during that time, look at the pictures you and others took of the event and try and get a feel for what makes your heart remember that place and time the can be something as simple as the type of food you ate, the time of day, or the dress your grandmother was wearing in this memory etc.

Find your inspiration
Extra detail


For my memory I wanted to capture the forest feast /festival feel that our wedding had and add some colour to play with the overall mood of overwhelming joy and wholesomeness that was so tangible on the day!


Now that we have the base colour idea for our memory wall make-over: Forest feast,

we can think about what will look good on a wall in our studio.

I am in love with green at the moment (who isn't?) and I love the intensity of the forest colours that surrounded the wedding venue*. Green is a very good choice for a main decor theme because it already exists so abundantly in Nature and will look good in most rooms.


Choose the right kind of green for your memory! For the forest theme of my wedding day memory, I collected some very broody and deep dark greens indeed! Check out Mossy Paths and Dekriet from our wall colour collection.

The cool wall colours from PAINT & DECOR's hypoallergenic wall paints we chose are:

  • Mossy Paths

  • Dekriet

  • Rockwood

Wall colour details


Complementary colour scheme


Because the furniture is in front of our very foresty and dark wall, we wanted to make them stand out. To do this we focus on more of the orange and pink hues that are the complementary colours of all the greens we have been using.

The warm colours from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint we chose are:

  • Honfleur

  • Arles

  • Scandinavian Pink

The main body of the little "kassie"is painted in:

  • Chateau Grey

Furniture colour details

The colour combinations of warm vs cool, or in other terms: complementary colours in this colour shceme works super well.

The greens and browns bring the forest feeling to life while the complementary pinks and orange highlights the whole theme and brings some lightness

and joy to the room.

Room Make-over with memory as inspiration

We added some lovely printed wall art, a bouquet of cut out flowers and bugs that was part of our wedding decor and a painting that I made of the forest at our wedding venue*.

The step by step DIY blog posts of how to:

  • Frottage and stencil your wall to look like ours

  • How to paint and stencil your chair like this one

  • How to create this charming look for a cupboard

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We printed at the Durbanville Postnet

(give them a visit, they print fantastically! 021 975 5569)

*The beautiful farm we got married on is not a wedding venue - BUT they make the best and only botanical vinegar in South Africa, book a tasting or a stay on beautiful planet Rozendal:

Live in the colours you love,

Visit our paint colours online or in the shop

and fall in love.

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