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Tired of your doorknobs? It can be a surprisingly expensive shop to replace your old doorknobs - especially if we are talking kitchen or bedrooms! Here is a really quick DIY on how you can revamp your doorknobs with PAINT & DECOR and Annie Sloan!

Doorknob make-over number 1

What you need:

  • Old Doorknobs in need of a facelift

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the colours you want, we chose: Scandinavian Pink & Chateau Grey.

  • Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax or Lacquer

  • Paint Brush

Step 1:

Paint the first coat of Annie Sloan over your bland doorknobs but do this in a thick thick coat of paint. *If your tin of paint is too runny for this poor a little out into a bowl and let it sit out in the open for a while - this will thicken the paint and you can paint lovely gloopy texture over the doorknobs.

Paint thick Annie Sloan Chalk paint over the doorknobs

Step 2:

Let the thick layer of paint settle a bit and then use the back of your brush or a sosati-stick (yes, we still make sosaties on some weekends!) and carve any detail you want! We carved a few letters of the alphabet with the idea that these knobs could be lovely in a little girl's room!

Carve any detail into the wet paint

Step 3:

After the first layer of thick paint has dried with your carved detail in it, paint a second coat of another colour over the knob. You can use colours that are very contrasting for a more intense and vibrant look or you can choose very earthy tones for more of a natural look. We used Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink & Chateau Grey

Paint a second colour over the first coat of paint after it has dried

Make sure that you cover all the cracks and lines of the carved detail on the doorknob as we will be sanding this second coat slightly to enhance the carvings you have made.

Let this second colour dry

Step 4:

After the second coat of paint (in a different colour than your first coat) has dried - sand lightly over the doorknob with a 100grit sandpaper. Focus your sanding around the carved detail of your doorknob.

Sand with a 100grit sandpaper

Stop sanding before you take off all of the top colour! :)

Carved Detail

Step 5:

Now all you need to do is to wax or varnish your new knobs and you are ready to roll!

And Ta Da!

You have brand new doorknobs! Send us a mail with any questions or photos of your beautiful projects :) We'd love to be part of your colourful journey.

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