Wallpaper strips - a budget friendly decor hack

Wallpaper can get rather pricey as a decor element on your walls - but using a wallpaper strip is a great decor hack that will make your room feel extra luxurious while being kind on your pocket!

SophiaHelen is Paint & Decor's home decor brand and has in their product range these wallpaper strips. Each strip is available with a customised background colour to suite your Paint & Decor eco-friendly wallpaints, to match a decor element in your home or office, or to boldly BE the decor element in a room like the image above.

Floral wallpaper strip by SophiaHelen design

You can use wallpaper strips to bring some definition to a bland room by adding some pattern to the bottom - or top of your walls. This method is not only beautiful, classic and stylish - it also saves you money as you only order a strip of paper. SophiaHelen Design can create a wallpaper strip in their pattern called Wild, that feels like there is a garden growing accross your walls - there are no pattern repeats on these Wild wallpapers.

They are also wonderful additions to kids rooms! You can pair a lovely eco-friendly child proof paint with any wallpaper.

Use wallpaper in a kids room

Eco-friendly, healty wall paint

Above: Wallpaper strip in a child's bedroom.

Picnic by the sea above this wild Mariana wallpaper strip is a great idea because blue walls are calming in any room - but especially in kids rooms. With the stimulating wallpaper strip - you can add a lovely neutral of your choice.

Wall colour: Picnic by the sea, by PAINT & DECOR

Wallpaper: Mariana wild, by SophiaHelen

When using SophiaHelen design wallpapers - you always have the option of choosing your own background colour. The same wallpaper pattern as above is shown below.

Moody bedroom

Above we have the same wallpaper as in the kids room - but the background matches that of this moody, grown up bedroom in Deep Sea. The dark walls and the strip of wallpaper with the same colour background as the walls bring a sense of drama and wildness. This is exactly what the Wild Wallpaper (and wild fabric) patterns are all about.

Wall colour: Deep sea, by PAINT & DECOR

Wallpaper: Mariana wild, by SophiaHelen

Some like it more traditional though. Wallpaper strips doesn't have to be in the wild pattern, it can also be a romantic version of these growing, hand painted papers.

Below we have a bathroom in a bold and colourful print called: Dorethea.

Another colourway of the Dorethea design, but this time in the pattern called: Echo.

You can also use wallpaper strips to differentiate spaces in an open-plan area like we did in our studio in the image below.

To the right we painted Gumbush and Sunday Hike, to the left the print is going onto Wilderness.

Wallpaper strips cost a fraction of the price of wallpapering your entire room - get in touch with our creative team at PAINT & DECOR or SophiaHelen design for your unique print or wallcolour.

We are here to help you live your best life!

Happy spaces make happy people.

With love,

Jani Augustyn-Goussard

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