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How to paint with Chalk Paint: Episode 2 - Creating the perfect base coat for Dark Wax.

This tutorial is based on how to paint a great textured base coat for the use of Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax as a finish.

We created this video because using dark wax works best if you have prepared your furniture for it. Adding lekker texture to your paintwork is a great way to get extra character with Dark wax - but that means you have to add it from the very first layer and not just add Dark Wax at the end as a last step.

Here is a quick video tutorial by our resident colour expert and workshop host Jani Augustyn-Goussard - in Afrikaans - with English subtitles on how to do this at home.

Thank you for your time!

If you are inspired after this video - we can deliver during Level4 of Lockdown! Just put your order through the online shop - here.

Or give us a call or email for any help, or so that we can be ready for your visit to our store in Durbanville where we can safely assist you.

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